Sunday, June 05, 2005

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

My older brother is into rock climbing.

Alone, that statement seems like a pretty weak way to start off a blog, but combined with the knowledge that 2 weeks ago I did not know that about him, it makes a little more sense. I do not live near my family, and more and more everyday it gets to me. Not only do miss big events like birthday parties and showers, but I miss the little things too. I miss laughing with my sisters, or getting drunk with my brothers. I miss just driving to my family's beach, picking up some subs on the way and relaxing. I miss it all, including the arguments. I have a realistic view of things, life is in no way perfect and I will take the good with the bad. But damn, I miss my family.

So, here, online I am creating a new way to stay in touch with my peeps. While I was traveling last year I would send home long emails detailing everything I experienced. It was a fun way to chronicle my adventures. The best part though were the replies that I would get from my friends and family. My oldest sister told me later that she knew more about my life in Europe than she did about my life in DC. Which, when I think about it, means she knows basically nothing about my life here. This is completely self inflicted, I am not the best about sharing my comings and goings with my family, but it makes me sad. I want my family, and far away friends, to know my life because I sure as hell want to know theirs! So, this is the beginning of what I hope will be a strong dialogue. At least this way people can read my ranting by choice and not have them clogging up their inbox.

Welcome! Feel free to contribute, and let me know what adventures besides rock climbing you are getting yourselves into.



Anonymous said...

What up Meaghan. All that sharing is going to make me cry, so I will share back: I am into googling, reality TV, and drinking at 11:40 am on sundays.

number4of5 said...

Listen ACLU, you are not fooling anyone. One beer at 11:40 is not really "drinking." I would call it "sipping" at 11:40am on Sundays. But thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

How about laughing with your brothers and getting drunk with your sisters.....btw....I agree on the can't really talk about drinking in the AM unless you mean playing circle of death on the trunk of someone's car at 9:15 on a Sunday morning waiting for that is drinking!! (M&D would be so proud)......but I guess that will just need to wait until next season!

number4of5 said...

If you weren't so busy being pregnant all the time we could go drinking, my dear sister. I bet M&D are proud, just wait til' Cate is old enough...then she can make you proud.