Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Birthday DeLuca!!!

I've decided that nothing quite says Happy Birthday like posting funny pictures of you on the internet.

Video camera? Check
Audioguide? Check
Headphones? Check
Making sure I look like Steve Bartman. Accomplished.

Where do I even begin?
This photo is by far one of my favorites. My grumpy, non-morning person boyfriend sharing a pot of coffee, in a hotel room, with my super-cheery, morning person gay boyfriend.
You always look so dashing David.

I'm gonna let the sign say it all.

Now go enjoy the new X-Box I gave you and forget that I did this.

Happy Birthday Dave!


Secret Squirrel said...

My my how dashing he is. The only thing that was missing was a picture of him in his tweed jacket smoking a pipe with an ascot around his neck, maybe even a monicle to top it all off. As an aside here as i type thing our Boston Red Sox are in 1st place in the AL East 1/2 game in front of the Birds from Baltimore and 5.5 games in front of the lowly Spankees, ha ha birthday boy, he is a Spankee fan isn't he. Also here at 11:54 PM Friday evening it is approximately 8-9 hours away from the arrival of our own swamp death creeping into the area. I am working tommorrow in the god awful heat and humidity and I am not looking forward to it one bit, to steal from a great quote from someone who's name escapes me at the moment, "Give me cold weather or give me death". I will take the winters months over this crap anytime I can. I can't wait to hear all the people out tommorrow saying "Hot enough for you ". Yeah it is freaking hot enough for me, as a matter of fact you $&*hole, it is too hot, it is too sticky. I would rahter bundle up for the cold. Those people are the same ones who in the winter say "Cold enough for you" what a lame goddam saying no matter which way you say it, cold hot, yeah it's what ever enough for me. Maybe with the heat tommorrow and the sour mood that i already seem to be in over it, I will snap on the guy who says it and i will say "No actually it is not hot enough for me, another 20 degrees would be perfect for me, then my skin would melt right off, then sir i say to you, that is hot enough for me." But alas i probably won't have the nerve to say it to anyone, but it sure sound like it would be fun. Well now I just went off on a random tangent, whodathunk, but anyway Happy Birthday TJ Bartman. Remember keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.

number4of5 said...
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number4of5 said...

Hell yes the World Champion Boston Red Sox are in first place! I get to see them in a week and a half in Baltimore. I can't wait.

The swamp death has returned here as well. It does not help that I have no AC in my car. Folks around these parts tend not to say "Hot enough fohh yah." Although I can think of a certain man back home who says that quite often...who shall remain nameless.

You comment made me laugh. I should point out though that he has switched from the tweed jacket to a fine corduroy jacket that was purchased in Munich. No ascot yet. That might have to wait until he is asked to host Masterpiece Theater.

Anonymous said...

I thought "schmuck" was a good thing. thanks for the happy birthday peeps. my feet are on the ground, but i still need some more yoga before i start reaching for the stars.