Saturday, June 11, 2005

Swamp Death

It is bloody hot here in DC. The kind of hot where you just want to roll up and die.

We went into the city yesterday to go to the National Geographic museum which was a huge disappointment. They took down their permanent exhibit, the one we wanted to see, so it was a big let down. The worst part was how wretchedly humid it was walking around the city. It was much cooler for the Nationals game last night, thank God.

The Nats are in first place right now in the NL east. I know that it is VERY early in the season to be worried about who is in first place (case in point the Baltimore Orioles), but it is very fun to go to games. The last two Friday nights they came from behind to win and most of the crowd is surprisingly into it. I am in the process of writing a manual for how people should behave at baseball games. Some highlights include: not getting up from your seat in the middle of an inning, not doing the wave when the home team is down 2 runs, how women should leave their purses at home no matter how cute they think they are, etc. I also want to talk to the damn scoreboard people who just started doing the whole "Make some Noise" bullshit. They do that at Camden Yards and it pisses me off. If you need to tell someone when to cheer they should just go home. I won't even go into my feelings about the redneck song Cotton eyed Joe.... I was called a baseball snob last night and I think that assessment is pretty accurate. I grew up watching the greatest team in baseball play at the greatest ballpark in baseball. Yes, I am a baseball snob.

Speakin go the best team in baseball, The World Champion Boston Red Sox need to get their act together. Loosing two games in a row to the Cubs is not OK. I thought we(pronoun choice purely for Jenn) were going to take it back in the ninth. The sox slump is killing my fantasy team as well. We really need a new pitcher because I don't think Schilling is coming back this season. Even if he does we can't expect him to be very productive.

I am going back to drinking large quantities of iced beverages and laying in front of the air conditioner. DC Swamp death ain't no fun.


Houseboy said...

Who knew about this secret life??? Thank god my internet snooping skills are so refined - or that you told me about it 5 minutes ago. I'll forget the address now darling so you can launch my faults into cyberspace. Remember though, I love you - and you ARE a baseball snob.

number4of5 said...

It is just one of a myriad of things that make me charming...