Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wicked Smahht

One of my friends mentioned to me that the rankings for Smartest State came out and Massachusetts is again at the top of the list. Now, having lived in five different states this is something I could have told you without any ranking system. The results are based on 21 different criteria, ranging from 4th and 8th grade reading scores, to the percentage of teachers who have been attacked in the last year. Our(meaning Mass)score is 18.43, while Virginia is 5.91, and nearby Maryland is only 2.29.

Now, I think there were some things that they left off the list. For example, driving skill was not on there. Neither was the ability to find different streets without the assistance of street signs- an art that is often overlooked. They also did not mention that our kids can read better while not using an entire letter in the alphabet!! We should get bonus points for that.

To prove that these rankings are true just look at the fact that not one NASCAR event is held in our beloved state. Proof enough. Ohh, and we let two people who love each other share equal rights with every other couple in the world.

It is obnoxiousness like this that makes the rest of the country hate us. Let them, they can barely read. :)

Happy Flag Day Everyone


Secret Squirrel said...

Makes me wonder how much I pull down the state average, I am not a smart man. But i will say driving the roads of this great state everyday of the week for quite a few hours a day, I do seem to find that there are plenty of stoopid drivers out there as well. The biggest probelm I see is that I think everyone around me has become color blind, the color RED, especially when it is a light of that color, means nothing to people anymore. It seems ok to go through a red light these days, not very smart. There are many more stoopid things people do but alas i will not bore you anymore with all of my pet peeves.

number4of5 said...

Why do I find your posts right after you leave them?
Just be happy that in Massachusetts you can watch your home team play baseball on TV. I was planning a nice night watching the Nationals on ESPN2. Seeing as everyone and their brother were talking about the game last night I figured the game would be on. Nope, not here. Not in Peter Angelos(Orioles owner/professional bastard) territory. Mother Fucker. Instead we get blacked out to show the Mets vs. Oakland. That makes sense doesn't it. Aaaugghh, I can't wait til' the Nationals get an owner. This whole Orioles monopoly on TV air time is getting very old, very fast. Can you tell that I am annoyed?! At least I can listen to it on XM.