Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Jammie!!!!!

Ahh, you too have fallen victim to the embarrassing birthday photos. Isn't that what little sisters are for...

I will start off easy on you since you are getting old. This one isn't so bad except that Johnny Burger King is wearing a Red Sox hat and a Red Sox sweatshirt. Do you like the Red Sox Billy? Maybe if you give Keith Foulke your truck you an interview him.

The image of a lollipop holding Santa head placed in your crotch is one that I never wanted. Especially since my godparents gave that to me when I was a kid! I don't know if I want it anymore.

"Wheeeeee, look at me, I'm the creepy guy trying to keep the cute little kid in my play tent. Don't you want to stay? I have a play oven in here."

I don't really know what is happening here. I see a dogs play toy, our sister bent over, and you with a scary smile on your face. I'm gonna leave this one alone.

"I love Christmas. Christmas is my favorite. I love Christmas so much I just stand out here and hug this tree. Do you like Christmas? I like Christmas. Will you hug me?"

You look like one of those drunk clowns that have XXX over their eyes.

Don't be fooled people, that jug ain't got no booze. Thems is pennies, lots and lots o' pennies. You almost tricked us Billy.

"I'm tired of being silly. I'm just gonna lay here and spoon with the dog. That is not wierd is it?"

Happy Birthday Billy!

I hope you get to go out and drink lots of pennies tonight.

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