Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Photos From My Weekend

I just want to warn you that the following photo may get you a little fired up. It sure as hell got me fired up, but that isn't difficult to accomplish.

The shirt reads "Rebel Born, Rebel Bred, and when I die I will be Rebel Dead." Fine. He's a redneck. Any fraternity-loving southern boy wearing the confederate flag on his shirt is annoying enough. My problem is that he is wearing the hat of the World Champion Boston Red Sox! Dick. It took all my strength not rip it off his head in the name of all that is good in this world.

One of my good friends, and former roommate, turned thirty this past weekend. I realized at her party how much I miss living with her. Don't get me wrong I love my current living situation, you can't beat the live in chef, but I did enjoy the nights where she and I would get a little goofy. This photo marks the point in the evening where we crossed from having a fun enjoyable night to being ridiculous. You know that point, one minute all is well and good, and the next you are wreaking havoc. We had decided to try on each others shoes. Why? I don't know. The next thing you know we were getting in our bathing suits and jumping in her pool. Brilliant idea I might say. A short while later I was holding her hair while she "puked her way from her twenties into her thirties." Her words not mine. Luckily Dave and her husband just let us be our silly drunken selves while they carried on a nerdy science book conversation.

Good weekend overall. But this coming one will be better!

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