Friday, July 01, 2005

Sowing the Seeds of Love

I have been thinking all day about the group that "Secret Squirrel" brought to my attention. Their are countless things that I do not understand in this world. Blind, organized hate that hides behind the bible is definitely one of those things. I did go to their web site, but I do not recommend doing the same unless you feel like getting really angry. I found many, many, many offensive, repulsive articles, fliers and misinformation there. The most disturbing was the photos that they post of small children wearing T shirts that have "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America" printed on them. Can you imagine what it is like growing up in that environment? First you have the bad luck of being born in Kansas, then you are doomed to parents that are hate mongers. Can any of them escape the same fate? I know the answer to that question and it is depressing. Part of me is saying, ignore them. They are a small fringe group that keeps getting a lot of national attention. They have no real impact. Then the other part of me keeps visioning the page they have on their web site of poor Matthew Shepherd's head bouncing around flames, because as we all know he was looking to get beaten, tortured and left to die strapped to a fence because he liked boys. We all know he is in hell. But not his killers. Nope, they had a chance to repent for their sins. But not Matthew. He is with Satan. Is this worth my anger? Are they worth my time? Yes, Yes they are. They are worth me getting angry about because if I don't get angry, and you don't get angry then we are agreeing that it is OK to picket outside the funeral of soldier who died to defend me, and you, and their scrawny, malnourished little children wearing God Hates Fags t shirts.

OK...I had to get away from the computer for a few minutes. Maybe I should keep getting mad, but not so much that I physically want to harm people. Good Idea.

I had intended to write about the crazy bitches in front of me at the Nationals game who would be served well by reading my baseball etiquette manual. You know you really shouldn't be at a game when you get up to get food and the people behind you, including me and a nice older couple from North Carolina, clap because we don't have to listen to your fat mouth babbling anymore. When I publish this guide it will save countless fans from the agony that we experienced today.

Johnny Damon made the All Star Team. He surpassed Ichiro by about 126,000 votes. I think it was my 25 votes put him over the top.

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Secret Squirrel said...

To Start off,with the answer to my riddle for you. The question was why does Snoop Dogg always carry an umbrella? The Answer: Fa Drizzle. Hope you like. Now back to the topic at hand, in the papers and on the news up here, the father of Sgt. Christopher Piper the Green Beret from Marblehead who was killed over in Iraqi, was he said was very plain and simple. He said he was very proud of his son dying for his country, allowing people like the Westbourough freaks to be able to have the freedoms that they do have, like protesting at funerals. My only wish is that they did not get the press when they go to places like funerals of whatever they go to. If the press did not cover them and their protests then their trips would not be as eventful for them. But I guess, on the eve of the birthday of this great country of ours, we can all be thankful that we do have all the freedoms and liberties that we are granted here, because we were lucky enough to be born here and not somehwere else. So i guess all we can do is tolerate the fact that they do have the right to protest, and hopefully the press wistop covering them and they will slowly die off into oblivion. Happy FOURTH OF JULY.