Thursday, August 04, 2005

City of Champions

Just when you think that Brockton is making a comeback...

We made CNN. Unbelievable. What the fuck was that guy thinking. How do you grow up knowing that your Dad died while he was holding you? How do stand in court and try to defend yourself? I think it was right across the street from the Cod- reason number 3,004 for why the Spa is better.

This ranks up their with the 60 minutes special in the late 80's about our former Police Chief that was stealing coke from the lockup and using it. Fabulous.
Although it wasn't national media, my 6th grade class was the background shot for a front page article in the Globe about how drug infested Brockton was. They photographed some guy who had called the police several times about druggies coming into his store. My class was playing kickball behind him. The caption was "Man struggles with crime while these children play..." Or something like that. Ehh, we all turned out fine.

It looks like Lynn was trying to keep up with Brockton this week too. NTS should be happy that his hometown can represent like Brockton.

All the time when I tell people where I am from they get this look on their face. It is a combination of surprise and confusion. You? From there? I defend BrockVegas. It is better now. We made the Forbes 100 list for up and coming cities in the U.S. We have the Rox. Blah, Blah, Blah. Then some dumb shit like this happens. We are still the City of Champions. At least the sign say so.

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