Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Temporary exhile

Have you seen that Celebrity Cruise commercial where the couple is going back to work and they are complaining that their personal butler knew exactly how they liked their coffee while they were on vacation? I am still on vacation and I feel that way. From now on I am only staying at the four seasons. I can't fathom having to stay anywhere else. They brought me frozen watermelon while I sat by the pool! I might start crying just thinking about it.

I am making this short because the rare northern California sun is calling me. But I will leave you with an entirely true statement. After the wedding on Saturday when I was all dressed up hanging out at the hotel bar, John Mayer was checking me out and then took my picture. How's that for a story that you want to hear about?! You will have to wait until I am back east, really feeling exhiled.

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