Monday, September 26, 2005

Fenway South

It was really sad to see my brother leave today, but we had an awesome weekend. First and foremost, the World Champion Red Sox played like the team that I know and love. Camden Yards, from here on to be known as Fenway South, was on fire with Sox fans. There were about five or six Orioles fans there, but the only time you could tell was when the "fan-o-meter" came on the scoreboard. Imagine if they tried that crap at Fenway? Someone would probably get fired.

I also did my part on Friday to rally the young contingent of Red Sox fans at the game. Antonio, the random fourth grader who sat next to me, whose life story I learned in nine innings, showed up loud and proud in his Sox hat and shirt. At the beginning of the game a family sat down in front of us, but we could not tell who they were routing for. I asked Antonio, if the kids ended up being O's fans, if he thought he could take 'em. He said yes, and they were. At one point in the third I was a little worried that there might be a schoolyard rumble erupting in front of me, but they contained themselves. We also met a guy in the row behind us who grew up a half a block away from us. Granted there was a twenty year age difference, but it is a small world.

I learned a new word from my brother Friday and I cannot stop using it. The word is Assclown, and so you can fully grasp its meaning, I will use it in a few sentences for you. "What kind of Assclown tries to walk across a six lane highway?" Or, "Who is the Assclown in the Sox hat trying to start the wave when the game is tied in the seventh?" My favorite is example is, "Who are the Assclowns who took their photo at Fenway and sent it to me?"

My Assclowns


NTS said...

Who is that cutey in the middle? She is something else!

number4of5 said...

That is my legal council/ flower box planter. She is much cuter in person.