Monday, September 26, 2005


A few summers ago my family rented a house down the Cape, and for the most part it was furnished nicely. Except, on my bed I found a two foot long stuffed fish pillow that is the tackiest thing you have ever seen. I thought it was unfair to keep something so nice to myself, so I decided to share it with my family. I did this by leaving it in the freezer, in the cooler, in my sister's shower, in my parents bed, etc. Eventually my family realized the greatness of the fish and started hiding it in strange places too. When it was time to leave I could not find the fish to put it back. I found him the next day when I was at home unpacking. Some sneaky fucker put him in my luggage.

Since then the fish has traveled well. He has been found in my Dad's new car, in beds, in bags, in a package my parents mailed to me, etc. The last time I had the fish I snuck into my sister and brother-in-law's hotel room on their wedding night and placed the fish on the ceiling fan. He has been MIA for about a year so I should have known what was coming.

Last night, in the dark, I felt something under my pillow. As soon as a reached down and felt those beady eyes I knew that the elusive fish had made his way to Virginia.



Fly Girl said...

My very large extended family does this with an ugly stuffed chicken. Everyone is looking for family bragging rights for the most creative chicken exchange. Let me know if you're looking for ideas - I've got lots of them!

carolyn said...

hilarious. my cousin and her roommates are currently doing this with some hideous stuffed character from Shrek.

number4of5 said...

Fly Girl- I am totally looking for ideas! They all read this though, so I can't take them here.

Carolyn- Isn't Shrek the most hideous character from Shrek?