Sunday, September 18, 2005

I am the Luckiest

I have not had the best of weekends. After spending the better part of the afternoon Friday reading in my favorite park, I was rear ended. My car was the third in the middle of a four car accident. The good news is that I am fine and there, for some unknown reason, is not one scratch on my new car. Good for the woman who caused the whole thing because I probably would have beat the crap out of her. Yes, sometimes violence is the answer. She is lucky she did not have to feel my wrath.

Life has been kicking me around this weekend, that happens sometimes. During the middle of our Katrina fundraiser on Saturday, people kept getting angry at us. Hello? Hi, yeah, we are volunteers. Let me say that again- v-o-l-u-n-t-e-e-r-s. Hmmm. Good people to get angry at. There is other crap going on, but this is not the time, nor the place. The real problem is the Red Sox right now. 12-3, come on. This is September boys, let's start playing like it.

I guess my point is, despite all the insignificant junk happening in my life, I still got someone to bring me home chocolate cake. Isn't that what really matters? Cake and cheesy musicals. I'm lucky.


houseboy said...

Who the hell is bringing you chocolate cake??? I'm going to beat the crap out of them. Violence is the answer.

carolyn said...

damn you are lucky. what i wouldn't give for a cake-bearer to stop by my place tonight.