Thursday, September 15, 2005

Only Dorks Say Dork

A while back I started watching Great Hotels on the travel channel. It is hosted by Samantha Brown, who crosses back and forth from being a big dork, to making me laugh. She basically travels all around the country staying in the fanciest of fancy hotels. Hence, Great Hotels. I think I like the show so much because of the emphasis she places on hotel bathrooms. I have an amazingly soft bed and sheets at home, cut to the chase and show me the bathroom. I don't have a jacuzzi tub yet, emphasis on the yet, so there is nothing like a nice marble hotel bathroom with a big fattie tub. Ohhh yeah.

Well Miss Brown has a fairly new show about her travels through Europe. I like this show even more than Great Hotels because I have seen a lot of Europe, and I haven't seen but the outside of many great hotels. It is cool to see a different perspective on something you have experienced. Plus, on her Salzburg episode she was leaping through the Sound of Music Gazebo singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." I was leaping through Salzburg singing "The Lonely Goatherd." I bet you find that hard to imagine.

Plus I just want her job.

High on a hill is a lonely goat...

And for those who think that I have been messing with my sitemeter this week, I have not. Seems I was mentioned on Blogger Buzz. Pretty Cool.


Numba 2 said...

You know, I was looking at your blog meter this morning and thinking "Wow. She really has effectively communicated with her siblings and close friends with all of those hits." Now I see that the whole world is watching.

Don't sell out now that you have gone big time. Don't forget us little people.

I think its time to introduce Kathy and Bill to the blog. What on earth is the risk? And they would like it.

They'll never get rid of copper.

number4of5 said...

Of course I am selling out. What was your name again?

Don't you know that Everyone is a Napoleon.

They'll never get rid of copper, just like It's gonna be a party!

Frank Wilson said...

So I'll be honest...its not the article it's the pictures. Great picture, good detail and clarity.

Though I like pitures I don't think I need to see one of the "bitch upstairs" you gave me a clear enough picture with your words. Good luck with that one!!!

number4of5 said...

Thanks Frank! I would prefer that my pictures made a better impression than my words did. I enjoy writing, but my pictures mean more to me.

Ghost Dog said...

Ah, Europe. Love Austria and Bavaria.