Sunday, September 04, 2005

What have I been doing?

If you knew me five years ago, which most of you have, you know that I had some pretty lofty goals for myself. The army of me was going to change the way we looked at, and dealt with, race in America. I was going to change some shit that needed changing. Where did I go? I think most of that time was spent on Mars collecting rock samples and trying to prove that there was once water on the Red Planet. Upon my return from the galaxy of blinders, I have not been able to peel myself away from the TV. Yes, this is my country. Yes, I have known for a very long time that the "developing world" is not that far from my front door. My point is, I am pretty sure that I am back. Step one was convincing the owners of my company we are hiring a few people should some victims come to this area. Not a very big deal, but will make us feel like we are doing something concrete. The next step came to me while I was tossing and turning in bed this morning. Stay tuned people.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Made Leaving Impossible
"To those who wonder why so many stayed behind when push came to water's mighty shove here, those who were trapped have a simple explanation: Their nickels and dimes and dollar bills simply didn't add up to stage a quick evacuation mission."

A Nation's Castaways"The Other is there, staring us in the face, exposing our issues on an international stage. It is at once an embarrassment -- how did we go from can-do to can't-do-for-our-own? -- and a challenge, critics charge: How do we stop ignoring the folks in the box, the inner-city destitute, and realize that their fate is ours as well?"

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