Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Four for Four

It is hard to write a paper knowing that Bravo is showing all of West Wing Season Six this week. Incredibly hard. I though that with the end of the Red Sox season would come more focused studying time. I thought wrong.

I had my toe cut into again yesterday. Four times in four years, I am trying to break a record. I think that I am the only woman in her twenties who sees a Podiatrist. At least that is what it felt like in the waiting room. Me and the old people chillin' watching CNN. Good stuff. During the procedure the doctor kept talking to me to get me relaxed, where do you work? Where are you from? etc. When I told him I was from Mass, he told me he just watched Fever Pitch and asked me if I saw it. I told him no, because I haven't. I don't think I need to, from what I know of the movie, I feel like I live it.

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