Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Had to listen had no choice

There was in article on cnn.com this weekend about Cameron Crowe's soundtrack to "Elizabethtown". The article mentions how Crowe used to be a music journalist, and how he incorporates music so well into his movies. They even mentioned how some his most memorable scenes revolve around the music, say Lloyd Dobler, the boom box, and Peter Gabriel, or the band on the bus in "Almost Famous" singing Elton John. Priceless, those scenes made the movies what they are

For the most part I like Cameron Crowe movies, "Say Anything" and "Singles" being at the top of the list, "Vanilla Sky" at the bottom. However you feel about the movies, you cannot deny that the guy knows how to pick a tune for a scene. Even though it is not on the soundtrack, the scene in "Say Anything" where James Court is driving home and singing "Ricky Don't Lose That Number" is brilliant. There have been so many great songs that I have forgiven him for the "Secret Garden" debockle that came out of "Jerry McGuire". You know, where the radio destroyed that song by including audio from the movie. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Music is such an integral part of people's lives, we all have the soundtrack to our own lives recorded somewhere. I can look at the list of Cameron Crowe soundtrack songs and see so many scenes from my own life. Like when our RA freshman year banged our door down because we were singing, OK screaming, to Jeff Buckley way too loud. Music is so key to setting the tone, or sparking a memory. My own list would be way too extensive, so I put a list together of his songs that have done that for me. Enjoy.


carolyn said...

i used to walk around saying to people "where is OUR soundtrack"? pre-ipod obviously. now it's more like "this is MY soundtrack" because no one else is in the movie with you if you're listening on headphones. cameron crowe movies make me think about (among other things) breakup songs. the songs that are now almost too painful to listen to and can sometimes still make me cry because they make me think about that specific boy/situation. "together alone" by sebadoh. ouch!

(btw, i moved my blog. URL ided below.)

number4of5 said...

It is amazing how music can throw you right back into that moment. Music and scents are killer that way.