Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Ass Face!!!

It is Aisling's birthday today and I can't stop thinking about how lucky she is to be born the day after me. Damn girl, between that and having me as a friend you hit the jackpot. So here goes, just keep in mind that I am throwing myself under the bus with you in these pictures. And, I've seen you do some pretty dumb shit so it is a shame that this is the only photographic evidence.

This is Screech, the mascot for the Washington Nationals. What you can't see in this picture is Aisling, on the right, giving the poor bird rabbit ears. How old are you now Ais? Aren't you graduating from law school this year? At least the lady in the background thought you were funny.

Again, I am not doing myself any favors with this photo. But Aisling this is St.Patricks day, you should be representing your homeland a little better than this. Wait, on second thought, this is a fair representation of your homeland. I wouldn't expect much from a dirty, dirty Yankees fan.

Happy birthday Aisling! Thanks for coming out last night and celebrating with me. It does suck that your team is going to loose tonight on your big day. Sorry.

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