Friday, October 07, 2005

A little bit of this

My parents mailed me a package for my birthday, and due to the wonders of the U.S. Postal service I got it today. Inside was one of the best birthday cards I have ever seen. On the outside is written: "I'm smiling because you're my daughter" Inside: "...and I am laughing because there's nothing you can do about it!" So true, so true.

Well my Mom mailed me a whole bunch of stuff that was in boxes under my bed at home. Keep in mind that my parents have lived in the same place for 27 years, there could be anything in the boxes under my bed. The coolest thing I found is an old organizer/calendar from High School. I marked down all the normal stuff like French tests, volleyball practices, 11 months til' I get my license, pitched my first varsity game (which apparently we won by 15 runs thank you very much), etc. But there is some wacky crap in there that will let you into my fifteen year old mind. For example, January 31st is Nolan Ryan's birthday, very useful information for high schools girls. Or, April 25th buy new yellow jeans at Filene's Basement. Yellow jeans...yeah. It is pretty fun to look back on all the things I used to think were important and laugh. Maybe I will be doing that with my blog some day.

And Sheri, just in case you were wondering, the day of the Papa Gino's incident was January 29, 1991. Nope, you ain't ever gonna live that down.


Houseboy said...

Wow. Yellow Jeans. Wow. Don't ever talk to me about my fashion. Then again, I guess you don't still wear your yellow jeans. Point is however ...

number4of5 said...

Thank you for clarifying that I no longer wear them. I bet people were wondering.