Monday, October 03, 2005

Oldy McOldson

Since I did it to my boyfriend and my to brother, it is only fair that I do it to myself. Just keep in mind that if I know you, chances are it will happen on your birthday too. I had to dig deep for a few of these, and in that process I found soooo many good shots of those nearest and dearest to me. Be afraid my friends, be very afraid.

So in honor of the anniversary of my arrival into this world, I give you embarrassing pictures of myself. Enjoy!

There really is an entirely great story to this photo that is awesome in its own right, but who cares. I look like a circus freak who forgot to take her meds.

Did I really think that puckering my lips together like that would distract anyone from the atrocity that is occurring on my head? OK, so I just let my hair down after my sister's wedding. No excuse. I have scared myself with this one.

Eeeek! My sisters look relatively normal in this picture, but not me on the right. It was taken about 15 years ago, so I will cut us some slack on that. However, why did we ever want to have curly hair? And my outfit, good God. Thankfully I grew out of wearing large men's sweaters that were the same color as the pants I put on. I know I thought I looked good in that. Too bad you can't see the shoes. I guarantee that they are LLBean brown boat shoes. You know, the ones where we all tied our laces into curly q's. That was hot.

Obviously this is Halloween. And yes, that is Dave and me. What is scary is that we were not even dating yet. Yikes. He was so attracted to my pink beehive that we started dating a few weeks later. Who could resist earrings shaped like albums? I am such a Vixen.

This was my birthday party twenty three years ago. All kidding aside, I still love that dress with the matching ribbons. I find it funny because I have been told that I still make this face. This is photographic evidence that I have always been this cute!

I would like to thank the World Champion Boston Red Sox for winning the game yesterday and therefore not having a playoff game on my birthday. There was no way I was going to miss a playoff game, so I would have had to cancel my party. No Game, Party on.


Numero Uno said...

Nice photo' a chuckle seeing the one from the front steps.... Love the 80's!!!

Just for the record - I am very afraid......I believe I am on deck??

number4of5 said...

You are almost on deck. After today you will be!