Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pick up here and chase the ride

Before I quit my old job, I found an ad for a position that I really wanted. It was sort of the impetus for leaving my last job, knowing that there are jobs out there that I would actually want to do, instead of a job I just do to make money. I sent them my resume as kind of a throw myself out there exercise. I knew I was qualified for the position, overqualified if you ask me, but thought that someone's nephew was going to end up with it. This is DC, that is how most things work around here. I was OK with that, it just felt good getting the ball rolling. Needless to say, I didn't hear back from them. A few weeks had passed and I was already looking at other options.

Then last week I got a call from them and they asked me for an interview. Booyah! At that point I told myself I was getting this job. They wouldn't know what hit them. They called me this afternoon and offered me the position. I even negotiated for the salary that I wanted. Damn, my life is good. The position itself is a foot in the door, but the great part is that I will finally be working in my field. How great is that? Pretty F-ing great.

I think what sealed the deal was my interviewing strategy. Every time I answered a question I changed my accent. I think they liked that.

So Goodbye unemployment, you have been good to me. You were a little shorter than I wanted, and I will miss my afternoon naps, leisurely reading, and going out for lunch, but this is for the best. Besides there is no better excuse to go shopping than getting a new job, non? That and buying Dave the Ben Folds tickets I promised him if I got this gig.

Could this month get any better? A new job, a new niece, and some bling on my finger. My life is awesome.


carolyn said...

You are kicking ass, girl. Very impressive. Next time I apply for a job, YOU are going on all my interviews!!!

allison said...

Congrats congrats congrats!

number4of5 said...

Thank you ladies! I am pretty jazzed up about the whole thing.

Numero Uno said...

I am sure it will rate a post in the blog - but you will have to let us know how day one goes. Hope your new shoes were comfy! Thanks for coming to visit this weekend and for all of your help with Cate and Abby!