Friday, October 21, 2005



This is my Photo Friday retro picture. I love this photo. These men clearly chose to go out in public looking like this. I didn't see anyone forcing them to march around in this crap. But they look so miserable. I mean, I would probably be miserable if I was walking down the street with multi colored tights on, but that is why I would never do it. Or maybe that is why they are holding their swords so tightly, ready to slay the next person who laughs at their ensemble.

This bizarre parade occurred outside of the Duomo in Florence. We were quietly enjoying our day when out of nowhere these men came along. There were dozens of them, accompanied by a drum core. A very loud drum core. Despite what looks like advanced age these guys disappeared pretty quick. It was one of those moments where you wonder later whether or not it really happened. If I hadn't snapped this shot I probably wouldn't have remembered them.

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