Thursday, October 13, 2005

This ain't Jiminy

I find a hot shower to be one of the most relaxing and refreshing parts of my day. I could stay in there forever, and sometimes I do. This is me time, and I cherish every steaming hot minute of it. That is why there is nothing on this earth more unnerving than getting in the shower and finding one of these guys in there with you. Could I be any more vulnerable? These suckers jump, and far. What the hell do I wack them with? The soap? They are not small either, some are like 3 or 4 inches long. I just usually end up screaming like a little girl. It is no fun I tell you, no fun.

1 comment:

carolyn said...

ew ew ew ew EW!?!?@#LK!J@# only a roach is worse.

yesterday i turned around to see a spider lazily making its way down a piece o' web. hello bitch i'm in the shower, i will drown you! get out!