Saturday, November 26, 2005

And it was all "Yellow"


The Photo Friday category this week is Yellow. I've had Coldplay stuck in my head ever since I read what it was. A few weeks ago when the category was Delicate, I had Damien Rice stuck in my head. Thankfully I like both of these songs very much, but I do tend to associate too many things to song lyrics. I am going to be in trouble when they make the photo Friday challenge "Macarena."

Just for my sister Jenn I am putting up another photo from Europe. Quit your bitchin' you get what you get.

This ceiling is located in one of the hallways in the Vatican Museum. Think of it the next time they take up a collection at church.


Stationery Queen said...

Nice pic.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, we have those 4 things in common, along with an apparent love of The Karate Kid, Goonies, Tori Amos and more! I'll be back and I invite you back to my site any time! :-)

Cyberkitty said...

nice picture (such eye candy & decedence - esp. for a religious institution)..... but what I really want to know is - so, what DOES "Coldplay" mean/stand for? (I recently found out about Foo Fighters).

number4of5 said...

Can't help you out with the Coldplay meaning. Your question made me curious, so I checked Wikipedia and didn't get a good answer.

Lenman said...

Man, I thought my collection at church was for local support...
Again, nice pic!