Friday, November 11, 2005

FDR, Flickr, Friday


The FDR memorial is so different from the rest of the memorials in DC. Instead of a big hunk of building, which can be very pretty, they opted for something that is a little more representative of who he was as President. From start to finish it is a lengthy passage that flows into sections which represent his four terms in office.


In each section there are sculptures, quotations, and a form of flowing water to represent the era. These photos are from the first term during the great depression.

People always stand near these men, like they are in line with them, so they can get their photos taken. I always want to ask them if they realize how stupid they look laughing and smiling next to men who are hungry and poor. I am all for getting your photo taken in different places, but not when it is disrespectful. Don't get me started on what I saw at Auschwitz...I am getting angry just thinking about it.


I had they day off today, so I took lots of new photos, including these. After a few months of hiding it, I am ready to share my flickr site with you. I have been tweaking it for some time, but changes are still being made. I have sooo many more photos to add. What you will see here are my public photos, I also have private ones for friends and family. I am not hiding anything, just photos of my peeps that they probably don't want sprawled all over the internet. So if you are one of my peeps and you want in, just let me know. You can get there by clicking on the link, or the photos themselves.



Fly Girl said...

I think this memorial is often overlooked since it is off the beaten path. It does have a sort of ebb and flow that evokes a variety of emotions. It's easy to forget the enormity of what happened during FDR's presidency, yet this memorial brings it back in an understated, yet compelling, way.

number4of5 said...

It is very overlooked. I bring anyone who visits me from out of town there to see it.

I love the Jefferson Memorial, but it doesn't tell us much about his Presidency or his life, and he accomplished so many thing. I think this memorial aimed to be more telling, and it is.

carolyn said...

Ok so i guess i missed the FDR one. what a moron. these are also really really cool shots. i don't know how you made it through auschwitz. i don't know that i could handle it. i can't even watch schindler's list. even thinking about trying to watch the movie makes me cry dude. i am pathetic!!!!!