Sunday, November 13, 2005

It was only fifteen grand

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Ben Folds. Me. Dave. Seventh row. Dead center. It was as awesome as it sounds. It started off a little bumpy, like he was getting lost in some of the arrangements, but by the fourth or fifth song all was good. He only played a few songs off the new album and one of them was the song he wrote about me and my car. I thought it was the least he could do since we drove all the way to Baltimore to see him. The show did not disappoint, although the BSO plays in a cheesy seventies version of my high school auditorium. Kind of tacky.

The show kicked ass, we had a great time. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

I also need to add that sometimes I forget how great my friends truly are. Derek you are the best! Thank you.


carolyn said...

i have been listening to ben folds 'tiny dancer' cover a lot lately. also some song called 'wandering' that i never knew until they played it on everwood. and i do like his new album altho i never listened to him before. man, this is the stupidest comment ever. ah well. :)

number4of5 said...

His new album is a lot more mellow than his old stuff. Good, but mello. I like his balls out rockin' stuff a little bit more.