Sunday, November 06, 2005

No you da' ho

This past Friday night Cat, Cecily, and I ended up at the Idaho State Society party at the American Legion on Capitol Hill. Um...yeah, you read that right. Very random, I know. However, it was actually a fun time. When is an open bar of Bud Light cans not a good time? Obviously never.

We entered fearing that we would be the only non-Idahoans in attendance. There was a fun country band playing and Cec decided that she wanted to dance with a guy in a cowboy hat. She probably wishes that she never verbalized that to us because it became our mission to find her a cowboy-hat-wearing-country-dancing-good-ole-boy. After selecting the most attractive guy in the room wearing a hat, Cec and Cat danced with him. And boy could that man move. He was doing more turning and spinning than a man in jeans as skin-tight as his has any right to do. We were extremely impressed. Turns out he was the President of the Idaho State Society. The chances of that happening were ridiculously slim. But the chance of the President of the Idaho State Society being from Oregon were even slimmer, and he was.

At this point we had talked to a few other people that were there and none of them were from Idaho. When I found out that El Presidente was an imposter I began to wonder if anyone there was from Idaho. And after I've had a few cans of the good stuff, and I'm wondering something, I tend to not stop until I get my answer. It became my personal mission to find someone from Idaho. By the time we left I had talked to a good eighty percent of the people at the party. I learned the home state of all of those people, and only sixteen and half of them were from Idaho. The half being a guy who told me he was from Idaho, but after a little interrogation I learned that he moved to Idaho from Florida. Poser.

I began calling everyone by their State name, and was introducing people to each other based on their geographic location. The highlight of the night being when I introduced North Dakota to South Dakota. I mean, how often do you get to do that? There were way more people from Montana there than Idaho. There is also apparently a whole world of State Society parties that I never knew about. Everyone said that Wyoming has the best one, over a thousand people and a mechanical bull. I am so there.


Houseboy said...

yep, you truly are a weirdo. but you're also a good writer.

number4of5 said...

Thanks baby.

carolyn said...

this is hilarious. you were so right to make exposing their states your mission of the evening. i applaud you! can't wait to hear what happens when you go to wyoming! maybe that's where all the people from idaho live!

number4of5 said...

We joked around later that we were going to crash all 50 State Society parties. 52 weeks in a year, 50 parties, it all seems very logical.

Then I sobered up.