Friday, November 25, 2005

Sammy Davis Jr. Only Had One Eye

Thanksgiving, the day where we all gather together with the ones we love and celebrate massive genocide over a plump exquisitely cooked turkey. Do we all feel sufficiently guilty now? Great, great.

So as many of you know, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, and not for the above mentioned reasons. I don't eat turkey, or stuffing, or green beans, or sweet potatoes, or any other food that is associated with genocide (again not because of the genocide part, that is completely unrelated, but might be a good reason for me to use from now on). Anyway, I don't feel like getting into the lengthy diatribe that results from the discussion of the foods that I do enjoy, so let's just say that if we all got together and ate cheeseburgers and pizza for Thanksgiving I would be a very happy woman. However, I do enjoy the getting together with people we care about and watching them drink a little too much wine part. That is always fun. I also did spend a good part of the day playing guns with Dave's nephew, and I must say that I do look pretty damn good with two holsters attached to my belt. Be afraid of a woman with guns and heals, be very afraid.

The best part about Thanksgiving is that it ushers in the beginning of my favorite holiday, Christmas. Why is Christmas your favorite holiday you ask? Well, because people give me things. I like when people give me things. Now if I could get people to give me things on Thanksgiving the whole day would be more enjoyable. Perhaps next year I will start that tradition. I will make a list if things that I want for Thanksgiving, and then the fourth Thursday in November will be so much more fun. And for all of you who are wondering what to get me for Thanksgiving next year, I just have one word for you: Pizza. Bring me pizza.


Anonymous said...

Well that is it you freakin chritian I am done with you. You mentioned the c-word (synonymous with all thing evil and american, why not just worship wal-mart and the stock market) and it is not yet december. Looks like I won't be able to read your blog again until January.

number4of5 said...

Ann-If I knew what a Chritian was I would respond to your attack.

Listen hater, I had to put up with no decorations when I lived with you. Now that I am free from the confines of your insanity, I have a tree, garland, lights, a poinsettia, and Nutcrackers all over my apartment. I even have Christmas m&m's and reeses peanut butter cups and I would love to watch you try to not eat them. Damn that would be fun.

See you in January!