Thursday, November 17, 2005

Y'all gone make me lose my mind

The temperature changed drastically here today, so when I was leaving for work I was trying to gather my scarf, gloves, and hat so I would not lose any extremities on the way to the metro. Halfway down the block I realized that I forgot my phone. I turned around, headed back in the door, searched frantically, but could not find it anywhere. Was in lost in the shuffle while I was searching for my cold weather gear? I looked everywhere, but could not find it. Fuck. I decide to pick up Dave's cell phone to call mine and see where it is. I strategically placed myself in the middle of our apartment so that if it was on vibrate I could hear it. After one ring I know exactly where it is. Next to my bed being charged? Nope. On the dining room table? No. The desk, the couch, the kitchen, the bathtub? Nay, nada, non, and not even close. The damn thing was in my bloody pocket. I'm an asshole.

So...I haul myself to the train station when I realize that because of my fun phone exercise I am running a little bit late. The metro has electronic charts so you can see how long until the next train arrives. Mine will be there in 6 minutes. Cool. I don't wear a watch so I reach for my cell phone to see what time it is. I want to determine if I am going to make it on time, or of I am going to be sliding through the door quietly. As I glance down at my phone I see that I have a missed call. That's weird, I don't remember my phone ringing. I check to see who it is, and it was Dave, only a few minutes ago. That is strange when I left the house a little while ago, he was still sleeping, why did, um, yeah.

I am going to chalk this up to the two and a half hour final exam I took yesterday. As for you,let's keep this little story between us, K?


Fly Girl said...

I have done that myself. And then been embarassed about it. For someone so smart, there are times when I am so dumb!

Numero Uno said...

Am embarassed to tell you how many times I have done this..........the best is when I check my purse several times....only to have Eric call my cell and my bag rings!!!!!!

BTW - I think your new 9-5 has really had an impact on the blog....that or the fact that I am on leave and have xtra time on my hands .... I just can't get enough!!!

number4of5 said...

I am glad I am not the only mindless freak walking the streets.

I have been thinking that the blog has been a little neglected since the new J-O-B. Glad you don't think so. Although, you just gave birth and all your hormones are out of wack, so who knows.