Sunday, December 04, 2005

About a blog

I used to think that blogs were these places online where depressed people would go to publish their sorrows and bad poetry for the world to see. In fact, I used to think that blogs were stupid. Why would anyone want to write about their life for the whole world to see? And who the fuck would want to read it? Oh how times change.

This here post is number 100 and I now think of myself as a blogger. Back in the spring, I was playing around with google's photo sharing software and was basically harassing everyone I knew to download it so we could send pictures to each other. Nobody was biting. Then I found the blogger site and discovered that I could share the photos and add stories to go along with them. I also wanted a way to stay in touch with people. Badda bing, I was hooked.

Since then my blog has been in a constantly evolving state. It started for a few friends and my family, but has grown to include more friends and a slew of fellow bloggers who I will probably never meet. If you are new here I can pretty much sum up my blog in a few sentences. I am obsessed with the Boston Red Sox and my emotional state is closely tied to their victories and defeats. I want to move into the Four Seasons. I will kick your ass at Trivial Pursuit. John Mayer is in love with me. My upstairs neighbor is the world's biggest freak show. My family and friends are emotionally unstable so I post evidence of it here on their birthdays. I think it will be helpful when it comes time to "check them in" if you know what I mean. I take an insane amount of photos and enjoy sharing them here. I am also not afraid to share the dumb shit that I do on a weekly basis.

I know people often wonder why I do this. The stories I share are about my life, but they are not my life. This is glimpse into what I decide to share with you, nothing more. I never intend to share personal stories here. The best example is my relationship. I shared the fact that I got engaged, but I would never share the how, or the why. There are so many times when something will happen between the two of us that I know would make a great story, but it won't make the blog. I also don't think it is appropriate to blog about my job. This part is really a shame because in my limited time at my new gig there have been dozens of blog posts waiting to be set free. Let's just say that there is someone in my office whose nickname("Crazy") I learned in the first few days of work. She was born to be blogged about. I have also learned that if you insult someone on your blog they stop reading it, and that it is not always a bad thing.

So why do I do this? Well, I think the best reason is what Dave calls "my breakthrough." There was one day a few months back when I was typing away and just started laughing. I don't remember which post it was, but whatever I wrote make me laugh uncontrollably. Dave, who was sitting nearby, started laughing at me, and asked me if I was having a good time. At that point I knew why I blogged. It is fun, and I make myself laugh. I like it when other people enjoy my writing, and I'm glad you guys are here, but I enjoy my writing. I enjoy this, that is what counts. That is why I blog.

Well that and where else would you find this picture.



Lenman said...

right on...

number4of5 said...

Yeah man, rock on to you too!