Thursday, December 15, 2005

My baby's got a secret

Have you ever gone to see a blog? In person, up close, in 3-D? Your friends, despite your resistance, may call it a "Public Art Project" but don't let them fool you. I went to see a blog last night and I could actually reach out and touch it.

Post Secret, if you are not a blogger, or if you are a blogger and have been living under a rock, is a site which displays the postcards people anonymously mail in with their deepest, darkest secret on it. The secrets range from hilarious to disturbing and sad, but they are entertaining. It is like opening up people's heads and moving things around so you can see what they are hiding. And who doesn't want to know what other people are hiding? No one.

The creator of the site started an exhibit featuring hundreds upon hundreds of the postcard secrets. In person you can really see the great lengths that people reached to detail their cards. In that way it was a lot more personal than the website is. There were a lot of cards about abuse and sadness, but there were also a lot of cards about farts. Apparently lots of people keep secrets about their farts. I never knew that until last night.

There was also a card that ranks right up there as one of the weirdest things I have even seen. A girl that I was friends with in high school, but have lost touch with over the years, became a model after she graduated. I often see her mug in stores, in catalogs, in magazines, and even once in a Super Bowl commercial. Last night I was moseying along reading all the secrets when boom, I stumble upon a card with her on it. Someone had cut her out of a catalog and put her on their card. The really weird part is that she was modeling a bra. So there she was, this sweet girl who I used to drive to school, hanging there for the world to see in her undies with someone's secret scrawled on her. I took a photo of it with the intention of getting it to her, but I don't know if she will want to see that. I don't think I would.


Lenman said...

...might freak her out. But then, she'd be happy to hear from you, no? hmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever hit the next blog button after looking at your own blog Megan?
I just did this (new way to procrastinate from final, oh ask me about my -yet another- apt search if you want to hear about procrastinating) and it was terrifying! Some families blog came up where they all can post to the blog as the blogger- and all the entries start with some variation of I have nothing to say or this is dumb- really the kind of language that just sucks you in.
But my two favorites were
a) The who's husband is the best looking contest (yay you can join soon Meghan)and
b) A picture of a girl I actually saw at the Tookie Williams vigil at San Quentin holding a sign suggesting the media stop recording and start participating- which the family member found to be an idea that would wrench apart the foundation of the totally unbiased news we are now receiving.

I also wanted to take a second to defend UMass- I loved it there and (present appearances to the side) I was not a huge stoner. Great people, beautiful location, some good classes- good times. Quality state school education. The tuition thing is a giant problem I agree with you there. My tuition has increased by over half since I began at Boalt, so uncharacteristically some of my classmated are suing.
Now back to looking at other peoples blogs- bye Meegan.

number4of5 said...

lenman...My best friend already emailed her so I hope she takes it well. I probably wouldn't. The secret was "I don't wear underwear to church." Yikes.

Ann...aside from the drug part it was a great school. It was particularly great when I got a better grade on a paper than you, when you read the whole book and I didn't! I know that is pretty harsh, but that is what you get for spelling my name wrong like 19 times on purpose. You love me.

The next blog button can be a very scary place. I can personally vouch for all of the links on my site that go to other blogs. I actually read them all, which means they must be good, non?

allison said...


I have a really good one for Post Secret, but haven't (read:too chicken) sent it. hehe.