Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't go chasing...


Here it is, my very first scanned photo. Woohooo! I'm as happy as a little girl!!!

This thing has so many features and settings to choose from I am going to be occupied for a while. The pile of negatives that I have waiting to be scanned is enormous and I didn't know where to start. So I began here, with a shot from my Amherst, MA days. This waterfall was a half a block from my old house. It makes me sad to think of the days I spent wandering around this hood pretending I was Thoreau or something. Well, Thoreau with a camera anyway. Somewhere I have a shot from this same location, but the waterfall is almost frozen and the trees are covered in snow. I can sense your excitement, please I am asking you nicely- calm down.

I am very happy to finally have my scanner, which from here on out will only be referred to as Blue Steel. Blue Steel and I have a long road ahead. In the words of the musical sensation known as the Carpenters "We've only just begun..."

(Yes, I am fully and painfully aware that I have climbed out of the crazy tree. Just amuse me for a while, K?)


Lenman said...

That is awesome. Now you've got me going out to go look for one tomorrow. I've got two tons of negatives from over twenty years ago that I'd like to bring back to life. Big Mahalos to you!

Jenny said...

This is half a block from your old house? Dang, sista! I grew up half a block from a stagnant lagoon littered with styrofoam mcdonald's containers and dead carp.

Didn't stop me from swimming in it, though. Scooch over on that branch... stop hogging the whole crazy tree!

carolyn said...

i don't really understand how Blue Steel operates. could i put in my B&W negatives and print out a picture?

number4of5 said...

Lenman- I'm not sure what Maholos means, but it sounds good so I will take it. I like to think of my blog as a public service project. I'm glad I can help.

Jenny- But at least there was a McDonald's near you. That is what matters. Also, I didn't grow up here, this is where I went to college. Where I grew up we would have been lucky to have dead carp.

Carolyn- Blue Steel is a negative scanner, so it does not print. It scans the images to the computer and you can obviously print from there. You can select how big you want the file to be when you scan, which determins how big a print you can make. It basically gives you a much better quality digital image than you would get from scanning a printed photo. I don't have a digital camera so I loooovvvvveeee it.

Lenman said...

Sorry - "Mahalo" or "Mahalos" (as locals in Hawaii say to each other) means "Thankyou." ...I'm trying to guess what you thought I initialy meant - especially by putting the word "big" in front of it. ^_^