Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!


You are my little brother and I love you, but you fucked with me on Christmas so you had this coming.

Tim started out really normal and cute, as you can see here. Not as cute as his older sister, but cute none the less.

One day we thought it would be funny to wrap all of our Dad's old ties around Timmy. We were right.

timyoung1 Tim Lab
On the left is Tim at age eight. On the right is Tim now. As you can see, not much has changed.
How he has a girlfriend is beyond us all.

I wish that I was the one who created this photo. Whoever did this is a genius. I will never understand your obsession with donkeys my brother.

Who has their graduation announced on the sign at DQ? Who besides Tim? Really.

I don't want to know...
But nice socks and sandals.

This is Tim in front of the White House. Not kidding.

And last but not least- Tim in drag. Damn you are fabulous.

How did we go from that adorable little kid to this? If I had known back then how you were going to turn out...

Have a great birthday Tim, you lovable little donkey you.


Anonymous said...

Tim's a hottie!

number4of5 said...

Is it the goggles or the boobs that you find the most attractive?

carolyn said...

your photo essays are priceless. i'll have to thank my lucky stars you have no ammunition on me!

p.s. i have to agree with anonymous. altho he seems kinda nuts, i can definitely understand why he has a girlfriend.

allison said...

Damn...he has a girlfriend.

Goofy childhood photos - the gift that keeps on giving.