Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Philadelphia Freedom


I have been in Philly for the past week enjoying this sick view from my hotel room. I felt like a gangster waking up to this every day. Since I was there for work they put me up in this fancy shmancy corner room with an amazing view from two sides. The turn down service at night staged the room so that the lights were on very low, the curtains were open and the city shined before me. Crazy.

The city was all that I was expecting and then some. My twelve hour work days prevented me from doing much sightseeing, but at night I was able to live it up a little. Dave came up and on Friday night we went to the art museum for their "Art after five" event. The museum stayed open late and they had a Brazilian band playing in the main corridor. It was nice to see an eclectic mix of people out at a museum on a Friday night. If you follow the lights down the street on the right in the picture above you can see the museum at the end. And yes, it is the place where Rocky ran up the steps. Would it surprise you to know that we reenacted that scene? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Philly is a hard core northern town, not unlike Boston in many ways. I loved it. Sunday afternoon we went into a bar to watch some football and we were able to have an intense conversation about sports with everyone else at the bar. Everyone had different teams, different theories, and good stories to tell. You can't get that in D.C. Philly has a soul. You could feel its personality in the people, in the sounds on South Street and in the food. Amen to the Gods above for cheese steak. In South Philly (AKA Rocky's hood) there are two competing joints, right across the street from one another, vying for the title of best cheese steak. We tried both, and they were great, but Pat's won out over Geno's. Pat's tasted just a little bit better, but it also seemed like the place where the people eat. Not the tourists, but the people.

So yes, my trip was awesome. When you sandwich a Patriots playoff win in the middle there, you can't ask for much more. I do miss that view.

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