Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I hate packing. I am going on a trip for work this week, so instead of loading my bag full of clothes I am procrastinating. I feel like my life is a rollercoaster of packing an unpacking. I am never completely unpacked because there is always something lurking in my bag for weeks after I get home. But, before I know it I am grabbing the bags again to fill them back up. In my younger days I would haul around enormous bags full of crap that I thought I couldn't live without for three days. Carrying everything I needed on my back for two months while gallivanting around Europe ended that practice real quick. Consolidating all of my clothes, toiletries, extra shoes and presents into two small carry-on bags this Christmas felt like the completion of my dissertation on packing. Travel light and you live longer, that's my theory.

This year marks the first year in eleven that I will not be moving. I lived with my family for the first eighteen years of my life, but have been in a constant state of moving since then. Three dorm rooms, 10 apartments, 5 states and one storage space later I am finally going to be living in one place for more than 12 months. Thank God. As you can probably imagine whenever I move somewhere I never really unpack fully. Something, usually a lot of things, stays sheltered in a box because it is too much effort to find a home for an object when you know that in a few months its fate will lead it back to the box. After renewing our lease last month I felt like I could actually make this place fully ours. The folks at U-HAUL may be wondering where I am, so if they ask about me let them know that I am OK. I am just taking a break.

I will never give up traveling and I know that I will not live in this apartment forever, but I want less packing in my life. Fully unpacking at some point will feel nice.


carolyn said...

i am really starting to expand to fit my current apartment. but the thought of moving AGAIN (gee after two years) is just way too painful so i am ignoring the fact that i am basically already out of wall/book space.

NTS said...

Look Meg, if I have to work all weekend, I at least deserve a new blog to read... Geesh.

she's so blase said...

what did you go to the Tony Montana school for bloggers?? Get 'em hooked and then leave 'em hangin' until they'll pay anything for their next score???

number4of5 said...

I never thought I would get a Scarface reference in my blog Blase, you are killing me.

Look, both of you, I had things to do. I had bars to visit, food to eat, and work to do. That's it, work to do.

But I am back. So shut up and enjoy it.