Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

I used to love that game as a kid. Our family's AppleIIC got a ton of use from me tracking Carmen all over the world. Maybe my love of geography has led me to travel so much, thanks for that Carmen. As I copy Jen, who copied Kottke, and list my cities visited in 2005, I am feeling a little lame. 2005 was not a big travel year for me. To make myself feel better I am going to include 2004, because that was a much better year for my passport.

So, I give you the cities that I spent at least one night in for 2005-
Alexandria, VA
BrockVegas, MA (Home of Champions Baby!)
Hingham, MA (AKA The Ham)
Walpole, MA
Atlanta, GA
Beverly Hills, CA
Santa Monica, CA
San Simeon, CA
Carmel, CA
Oakland, CA (aaah, beautiful Oakland)
Ocean City, MD (AKA Hell on earth, avoid this place like the plague)

And to make me feel better, 2004-
Alexandria, BrockVegas, and the Ham
Arlington, VA
Dennisport, MA
Bayeux, France
Avignon, France
Nice, France
Menaggio, Italy
Vernazza, Italy
Hallstatt, Austria
Budapest, Hungary
Krakow, Poland
Stuttgart, Germany
Rothenburg, Germany

Just to let you know how my mind works, I looked at that list and thought to myself "Damn, I thought there was a lot more." Just the other day Dave and I were talking about how much of Europe we didn't see. Perhaps that why we get along so well, we both want to see everything.

Here's to seeing more of this earth in 2006!!!!


allison said...

Cheers to seeing more in '06! I'll start with London and go from there.

Houseboy said...

Wow. I've been sitting here thinking of where we went last year because I was certain you forgot something. 2005 was no good. I would like to add London in 2006 as well. Maybe Vegas too. Ft Myers, Orlando ...

number4of5 said...

Allison-London rocks, I am way jealous.

Houseboy- I agree 2005 sucked. I say more of everywhere in 2006.

carolyn said...

2004 looks like a great year - i'm going back!! :)