Monday, February 27, 2006

Experience has made me rich

Do you like me?

Do you really, really like me?

Ok, then. Buy me something.

I created a froogle wishlist if you need some ideas. You can find it in my profile.

I tried to hit on all price ranges so no one would feel excluded. Don't say I never think of you.

Happy shopping!

EDIT: I just updated the froogle wishlist, and you will pretty much be able to tell what is on my mind right now. What can I say, it is almost lunch time.


Numero Uno said...

Thanks for the ideas.....your Bic Atlantis Retractable Pen is on its way!!

number4of5 said...

Sweet! I will be waiting by the mailbox.

That is a damn fine pen by the way.

she's so blase said...

"Stelvin Closure??" - Leave it to wine snobs to make even the simplest thing, such as a screw top, sound snooty and condescending - but I can't wait to use it in conversation!!!

number4of5 said...

SSB - stick with me, I know all sorts of obnoxious wine lingo. I used it there just to show how "cool" I am and how much "better I am than the rest of you."

That is what wine is for right?

she's so blase said...

You oenophile, you!

number4of5 said...

That is totally on my resume.