Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Family Reunion

I attended a work related dinner tonight that left me sitting at a table with one of my work friends, and six strangers who do not work for my company. Despite the copious amount of wine that was being poured I was still finding it a little challenging to connect in anyway to these random people. Until, I caught the 50 something year old woman in front of me talking to her colleague about Tim Gunn. At that point, we rambled for several minutes about the show. She, like so many, is not a Santino fan, but instead is jumping on the oversold Daniel V. bus. We had a few good laughs, I thought she was a nice lady, blah, blah, blah. But when the Project Runway chat was finished she kept talking about other reality shows. Martha Stewart this, American Idol that, Survivor, Trump, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Dear God save me. I opened up the ultimate reality show can of worms and I couldn't escape. And then it hit me, is this what I sound like on my blog? I am that reality TV show junkie who has lost complete sense of her own reality? Does anyone really care what I think about some show on Bravo hosted by Heidi Klum?

And then I realized that the reunion show was on tonight, and I stopped caring about what you people thought of my bizarre obsession.

-First off, I think it is too late to save Guadalupe. Tom Cruise and his alien friends have invaded her body rendering any normal speech patterns impossible. She is lost to us all.

-The segment on Andrae was brilliant! I wish I had a little Andrae to keep in my pocket for times when I was feeling low. Then he could run around with his arms flailing in every direction rubbing up against my furniture only to make me smile. That would be good.

-Zulema should probably just kill herself.

-And finally, say what you want about Santino. I don't care if you like him, but you cannot deny that Santino made this show what it is. He is the center that the show resolves around. And he has already won in my book.

Bring on Fashion Week.


danvera said...

"And finally, say what you want about Santino. I don't care if you like him, but you cannot deny that Santino made this show what it is. He is the center that the show resolves around. And he has already won in my book"

Amen! Preach sistah!!

You already know what I said about him on my blog. But everything else was right on point.
I don't feel like you were necessarily reality show-mongering. Granted, I haven't read your blog a lot, but I don't consider PR to be really reality tv. I mean it certainly trades in the conventions but I think the main difference (AGAIN) is that it deals with people with some skill having to actually execute something. All the other ones are garbage. I have only caught glimpses of American Idol, and if that makes me an elitest, then whatever. But I maintain that PR's judging rewards creativity and is not a tear-down just for a tear down.

I wonder about that Zulema. I think she may have been edited a bit harshly too. I realized I'd missed the early episodes when her alter ego (what was her name?) was mentioned -- strong tell-it-like-it-is sister spirit whatever,would come out. I actually liked that. It added a dimension to it.

Last night's show sort of made me realize that Daniel V. for all his skills is just a boy and Santino is a man. He's a fully fleshed character and it felt like Daniel V. was going through the motions. I was happy to see Nick actually side with Santino about the final winner question. We'll see.

Houseboy said...

ok. i'm not reading this blog anymore.

number4of5 said...

Dan, as I might have mentioned before I have never seen an episode of American Idol. This is a fact I am very proud of. If that makes me a snob well so be it.

I will enjoy seeing Dan's designs 5 years from now. It is like people who go straight from undergrad to graduate school without experiencing a little but of life outside of academia. Their work may be very well done, but it doesn't have that independent, insightful aspect to it. Or, I am talking out of my ass either one. Boy vs. man you are very right.

Houseboy, I think my readers would be better served if I told them exactly what you said to me. "This blog is now like reading the Lord of the Rings, and I can't follow it. I think the hobbits are invading Chinatown or something."

It's OK honey, you just go back to watching your figure skating and everything will be fine.