Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Heart Snow

Does anyone think that my becoming a Godmother and a blizzard arriving on the day of the Christening, postponing the event, a coincidence? I didn't think so either. If another act of nature forces it to be cancelled again this weekend, I will take it as a sign that 1) there is a God, and 2) he is really f-ing mad at me.

I miss Boston. I enjoyed the thirteen plus inches of snow this weekend in the Ham. I spend the day Sunday being really productive. And by being really productive I mean watching The 40 Year Old virgin, the Olympics, and my sister and NTS's wedding video(at which point I was held down and forced to watch my toast against my will, not even Ralph Nader could save me), eating, a little shovelling, attempting to make a snowman in the worst snowman-making-snow possible, more eating, sitting in front of the fire, repeatedly commenting on how big Jenn's belly is getting, helping her make brownies and cookies, eating the brownies and cookies, and playing Payday. Now if that is not a good day I don't know what is. I miss snow days like that here in DC. They acted like they had a storm here this weekend, but a few inches of snow is no snowstorm in my book.

Monday Dave and I spend wandering around Boston. It was warm enough to walk everywhere which is one of the best things to do in the city. We got off a commuter boat, grabbed the #1(two slices of cheese with a soda, my go to) at Pizzeria Regina, and cruised through downtown to the snow covered Common and Public Garden. We even met with Melville. And if you know who that is, Cheers to you.

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