Friday, February 24, 2006


So very Italy

Back to back Photo Friday entries, aren't you psyched?

This "masculine" shot was taken while I was walking down what should be the sidewalk in any other city, but in Rome they are more like narrow glorified curbs. I caught this man standing down an alleyway, surrounded by the ultimate Italian mode of transportation. All over Rome men, dressed just like him, rode these little Vespas like they had a death wish. And they did not mind brushing up against you at blazing speeds while you tried to hang on to that glorified curb for dear life. But the treacherous walks were fun, and gave me another excuse to eat gellatto. You know, to calm myself down.

It highlights clearly how our American view of masculine, with our big trucks and cars, is so different from other cultures.


JohnMark said...

I wasn't going to post , becuase i'm headed out the door. But i'm going to rome (right now), so i figured it deserved some attention! Viva la roma!

number4of5 said...

Of course that deserves attention, yay for you!