Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh what a beautiful day

It is going to reach 64 degrees today in the nation's capitol. The sun is shining. Traffic wasn't too bad. Santino is in. Life is good.

Except for the guy who was peeing on the street, next to his truck, at nine AM, right in front of me, a block from my office, in a residential neighborhood. At first I naively thought that he was dumping water on the street. But the steady stream cascading in my direction led me to believe otherwise. When he saw me walking on the sidewalk, only ten feet away from him, he stopped the deluge. Ew. Is it just me, or is nine o'clock way to early to be peeing on the street?

What are the chances that I would see that happen? Not very good, right? How often is one so blessed? I felt lucky. So lucky I took it as a sign and bought a powerball ticket. For $365 million. Maybe lady luck will strike me more than once this week.


allison said...

He was just celebrating the gorgeous weather by...uh...liberating himself in the warm air.

Uh. Sorry. I got nuthin'. Yes, that was weird.

number4of5 said...

"liberating himself" I like that.