Monday, February 06, 2006

Pain in my ass

I went bowling on Saturday afternoon with Dave, his sister and his nephew. My cover was that the nephew wanted to go bowling, but in all reality I will take advantage of any excuse to hit the lanes. Because, like in so many other things, I am awesome! All kidding aside I do have some mad bowling skills. My skills are so good, and my technique is so great that for two days now my bowling muscle is sore. Yes, my bowling muscle. When your form is as good as mine you get the whole crouch down and sweep the leg behind you thing happening. You know what I am talking about, proper bowling form people. The problem here, if you are right handed, is the repetitive strain you put upon your left butt cheek. Yes, your behind, your tush, your can, your buttox, or in this instance your bowling muscle. And it hurts. Sitting, standing or walking I am pretty much screwed. Who knew that bowling was such a good workout? For one half of your ass?

Bowling is also great people watching, especially kids. The two little boys in the lane next to us could not have been more than six and eight, and they were having the time of their life. They were struggling in trying to get the ball down the lane, and they weren't hitting many pins. At one point Lady lucky struck and knocked down all the pins. Judging from their reaction you would have thought they just won a gold metal at Torino. They actually ran towards each other, embraced, and jumped up and down together. It was brilliant.

I wonder if their butts hurt today.

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