Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stormy weather

I realized this weekend that sometimes blizzards happen for a reason. I was meant to be in Boston this weekend, not just for the Christening. In my post last week I thought that the storm meant two things. I might have been right on the first, but if that one is true I was very wrong on the second.

One new life, one old life, both a huge part of my world, colliding for the emotional rollercoaster that was my weekend. Thankfully everyone is doing well.


Not to get too cheesy and sentimental on you fine people, but I gotta say that I am one lucky woman. For all my life, for all my highs and lows, I get to go through them with four of the greatest siblings that anyone could ask for. You are my favorite group to laugh with, and my favorite group to cry with. I could never ask for more than that.


Too bad you are all nerds.

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