Wednesday, March 08, 2006


How, in any way, was Chloe's collection memorable? Design for women? Are they kidding? Maybe women who want to look like they had been greased down with Crisco and then baked until rising. Santino's red dress, now that was design for women. I would wear that in a heartbeat (and look damn good in it, thank you very much).

What a bummer.

Playing it safe Nina Garcia!?! How many times can you tell the man to think of the woman he is designing for, and then when he does just tell him that you don't see much "Santino" in it. What a crock.

And again, who really cares what the hell Debra Messing thinks? I wanted Michael Kors to wave his magic design wand and get her out of that terrible bag she was wearing.

People will remember Santino. But, more importantly, they will also remember his designs.

I wonder if he does wedding dresses? Can't you see it?


danvera said...

I couldn't agree more.
Chloe's collection was dreadful. I had visions of 1980s prom dresses. The only good thing I can say about Chloe making her own line of clothes is that Drag Queens will have insane shiny dresses they can buy on clearance five years down the line. What a disgrace.

I'll admit that Santino's collection didn't look as exciting on TV as the photos online made it appear, but I still think his collection was more interesting.

I'm insensed that they gave Daniel V. a WALK on that dress that LITERALLY had his model TRIPPING over!!! What was THAT all about!

In season 1 they LITERALLY
dismissed someone just for that. I think they were bowing to the whole, "oh, he's so cute and young" masses. Ugh!! and Feh!

Would ANYONE seriously watch one minute of a Project Chloe?!?

Santino still rules.

John Mark said...

I wouldn't wear his wedding dress, I bet it would look like a mummy. Honestly, I think Chloe was the best out of the three- that's the sad part that shows reality shows really suck. Clay Aiken? hello!

danvera said...

Chloe's was NOT the best of the THREE!! What kind of judgement is that?!?! No way. I mean with all the problems I had with little Danny V. I still think his stuff was more interesting then Chloe's.

Numbah2 said...

Ha! Even though I "Tevo'd" the show last night because I didn't want to stay up that late, I still don't mind finding out from you that Santino didn't win!!

Yessssssssss! I do not like Santino!!!!!

number4of5 said...

There will be no Santino bashing on my blog, damn it. He is designing my wedding dress remember, I don't want to make him mad. Even if I did look like a mummy it would be a fabulous mummy.

Chloe was polished. Being polished does not make you the best designer. I feel like they should use the rating system from the old talent search show (I can't remember the name) where they rated you on originality. "Originality, a twenty-eight!"

I think the Clay Aiken/ Chloe comparison is right on. Boring, flat and they both like men. (But looking at Chloe's bf I wonder if he does too)

#2 That yesssss is echoing in my ear. And I hate you.

NTS said...

That show was "Putting on the Hits," the lip-synch contest that used to run on channel 56. "For Originality, a 28... For performance, a 29... For lip-synch, a 3..." Nothing better than having some fifty year old white guy lip-synching Dolly Parton's "Nine to Five." that beats santino hands down anyday.

number4of5 said...

NTS- I should have known that you would remember that. Thank you, it has been driving me crazy all day. I used to love that show and clearly I could identify good television even at a young age.

Maybe seeing the cast of Project Runway on Putting on the Hits would be brilliant. You might be on to something.

Numero Uno said...

I tried to stay awake for it........ didn't make it! Not very impressed with Chloe's prom dresses (brings back a lot of bad memories!) Let me know how that wedding dress thing is going..... as long as it isn't the bridesmaid dresses you have a deal!!!

number4of5 said...

We could have Chloe do the bridesmaid dresses...(insert evil demon laugh).

she's so blase said...

I checked out Santino's website and it appears as though he's wearing old school sweat socks on his arms. Are you sure you don't want to rethink the wedding dress thing???

number4of5 said...

SSB- the next step would be booty choker shorts, you know the ones with the white trim.

At least my dress would be memorable!

Houseboy said...

i don't have anything to add. jut trying to break the record for # of comments.