Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If you build it they will come

When you register your blog on technorati, they ask you to list the things that your blog is about. So when I registered, I listed that my blog is about elephants. Why? Well, duh, blogs about elephants are hot.

So, much to my pleasure, and your pure enjoyment, these elephants were on the loose in the Nations Capitol yesterday. Not so much on the loose as being led by their handlers and a police escort, but still.

Now my blog really is about elephants. It's like they knew.

The rest of the pics are on flickr.

Au Revoir


numero uno said...

Wait until SSB sees this!!! Cate sat on my lap and flipped thru the photos with me....she especially liked the elephant feet pictures...and laughed at the poop shot!!! Very nice even with the camera from work!!

number4of5 said...

Everybody poops.

Thanks, glad Miss Cate enjoyed them too.

she's so blase said...

Maybe I should have been the "Elephant Maker" afterall.
DAMN GIRL YOU ARE GOOD! - you can even make a row of elephant asses look artistic.

number4of5 said...

Again, I refer all readers to SSB if you would like to make a comment...all comments should be this complimentary to anything, and everything I do...I especially like the key use of capitalization...BEAUTIFUL...