Monday, April 17, 2006

Actual email I had to send today

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to have to send out this information in an email, but I need to
make sure that everyone is being responsible for the bathroom. Please do
not flush anything down the toilet that should not go in the
toilet. Also, as a courtesy to your fellow employees, do not leave the
bathroom if the toilet is overflowing expecting someone else to clean up
after you. As you are aware, we do not have a maintenance department and
there are plungers in each bathroom for this very purpose.

Thank you,


This was right after a few of my coworkers crowned me the Queen of the Bathroom, Queen of the Toilet, Queen of the Plunger, the list went on and on.

But to me, it was more like the Queen of the Damned.


jenny said...

Your email is kind of leaving things up to interpretation. I mean, what if I'm not sure if it should go in the toilet or not? Like, for example, what if I can't finish the rest of this ham sandwich I'm eating - flush or no flush? A pen that's out of ink? Phone bill?

number4of5 said...

Ham sandwiches are completely acceptable, as long as they do not have mustard. Deviled ham is out of the question.