Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in the saddle again

Hi guys, I am back.

I had my first ballpark beer of the baseball season yesterday and I am officially back into mind-numbing, frantic screaming baseball mode. Aren't you excited?

My boys played in Baltimore yesterday and despite the rain, and the 44 degree gametime temperature, it was fabulous. As always, Baltimore was swamped with Red Sox fans. You know that Baltimore has some issues when their team is boo'ed, at home, when they take the field. I actually wish that Baltimore had a better franchise, but they won't until their owner Peter Angelos is thrown under a moving truck. That guy has not only driven the O's into the ground, but he has prevented Nationals fans in Washington from watching their games on TV. He should stick to chasing ambulances.

The boys looked good last night, especially Schilling. It was weird watching Kevin Millar bat against him, but I don't really miss the guy. The best part of the whole game was watching Manny actually run. He made two great catches in left, disputing my beliefs, and proving that he actually can run. Not fast, but he can run.

It is early, but things looked good. Willie Mo needs to learn how to take a few pitches, several people need to pay attention to base running, buy overall I am pleased with the start of the season.

Now if only I could get my fantasy team, The Fenway Franks, to play that well.


Big Kahuna said...

Not only did they win on Saturday, the knuckle baller won on Sunday.... be patient, I don't think I'l be saving for my world series tickets quite yet. They do look goog so far but it's a long season. Call me at the all star break and let me know what position they are in.......

momduke5 said...

The season has started..Hope we win more than we lose ..not going to listen to the all star blues...Sweet Caroline will be sung Tuesday this week....Go RED SOX... it's the pennant we seek

NTS said...

Too cold?

number4of5 said...

BK...don't pretend you don't watch every game you can, you are such a fake hater.

Momduke...I dig the "pennant" line. you are funny.

NTS...yes fool, 44 degrees before the sun goes down is cold. 30 something in the 7th is downright crazy.