Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This was taken before the first Washington Nationals home game, ever, in April 2005. I had never seen the Metro this packed before, but it was thrilling to see so many Washingtonians excited about baseball.

Several innings, and several beers, after this photo was taken I ran into George Will. And by ran into I actually mean walked into the guy. Now while I am not a fan of his political views, any baseball fan must appreciate his knowledge and love of the game. So upon realizing that I just bumped into George Will, I gathered my composure and thoughtfully crafted the most eloquent string of words that any human has ever put together. I looked up at him and poetically uttered, "Hey, you are George Will." It must have sounded like Shakespeare.

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carolyn said...

that's beautiful, dude.

"hey. you are number 4." :)