Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh I just don't know where to begin

Thanks to our friend Chris (Thanks Chris!!) we saw Elvis Costello perform with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on Saturday night. Elvis's dorky glasses won my heart at an early age, so it was exciting to see him perform. The show was much different than the Ben Folds's performance with the symphony that we saw in November. Elvis wrote a score for A Mid Summer Night's Dream that the symphony performed without him to start off. This part would have been much more enjoyable if half the audience had arrived on time. The staff of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall was letting hundreds of people sit down right in the middle of the performance. Bravo Baltimore, Bravo! Rookie ball, you don't see that happen at the Kennedy Center. Aside from the rude people, and my ultra snotty reaction to them, the concert got better as it went on. By the end, Elvis had rocked out with the symphony to so many of my favorite tunes. He even added a TV cop show style theme song to his orchestral arrangement of "Watching the Detectives." How cool is that? Very cool I tell you. Overall, he did much better with the symphony than Folds did. Perhaps it is his maturity, or his wider range of musical styles and abilities that made him sound better. Whatever it was, it was my greatest trip to Baltimore in a while. We didn't even have to hide from anyone, it was great. Oh, and did I mention that it was free? Everything is better when it is free (Thanks again Chris!!).


NTS said...

Did you request the Macarena?

Anonymous said...

remember that time i hid tickets in a book on dave's shelf. so stealth... annd hilarious.

number4of5 said...

NTS...HA, yes I did request it. He played it as his encore. It was brilliant.

Zages...we could do our own MI3, but that would make you crazy Tom Cruise and you are much too cool for that.