Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Frank McCourt spoke tonight at the Smithsonian. Of course I called today to get a ticket, but it was sold out. I went anyway, determined to get in. They weren't selling any more so I paraded myself up and down the line of fifty and sixty somethings, asking if anyone had an extra ticket. Lots of blank stares and shaking heads until one lovely woman spoke up. She handed me a ticket, and as I reached for my cash she brushed my hand away. "It's an extra" she said smiling at me. Like she was my fairy godmother.

He is as brilliant a speaker as he is a writer. After thirty years of teaching in public high schools he can probably speak well to any audience.

I even got to look into his bad eyes and have him sign my copy of "Teacher Man". It was a good night.

"Nothing is significant until you make it significant." -Frank McCourt on writing


Houseboy said...

and donkeys don't blog.

Tawcan said...

Stumbled onto this site. Nice place, I love that doggie pic few posts below. Sorry that Rudy died. :(

Buffy said...

Someone was lucky.....

Love the quote from McCourt.