Tuesday, May 23, 2006

C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out


Every time I look at this car I hear that noise that Tim Allen made on Home Improvement. You know, that man growl.

My brother and his friend Mark have poured their heart and soul in this baby, a '73 Pontiac Le Mans, and were in the area this weekend for a car event. I don't normally spend my Saturdays watching cars drag race, but let me tell ya, it was wicked bad ass. To say the least. Some cars actually caught air while taking off, so very cool. I also learned what it means to "dial-in," and how to win the race they play by some inverse 'Price is Right' rules with the time. I am an expert now.

I also learned that you shouldn't kneel down in car grease in order to take a picture, one pair of brand new jeans too late.


carolyn said...

damn car grease!! you also need to be careful when sitting or leaning on items on the roof that appear to have black tar on them...because most likely they do! :)

allison said...

I grew up in Detroit, so sometimes I will catch myself glimpsing a Corvette or a Mustang and cooing a bit.

it's frightening.

Big Kahuna said...

Hey number 4 of 5, tell Allison what the Big Kahuna is driving